Energy Carbon Management

Licensor of BR&E’s ProMax Process Simulation Software

Kolodji Corp is a premier energy carbon management engineering company focused on energy efficiency, sustainability, and extracting, concentrating, and using carbon dioxide. Kolodji Corp licenses and engineer facilities using patent pending Black Swan technology to save energy (fuel) with oxy-combustion, enrich oxygen, CO2, and water from air with “Wig” Membranes, save energy (fuel) and recover water with waste heat and water recovery, and patented crop carbon enrichment technology as a use for the CO2 by External link opens in new tab or windowincreasing crop yields by up to 70% and External link opens in new tab or windowwater utilization efficiency up to 80%. Our mission is to build a more progressive planet for everyone through our sophisticated engineering technology, and that is exactly what we are doing. Read on to discover more about our engineering and construction company.